Gordon Brown – A deluded bully – or just running scared?

Over the weekend, the prime minister (s)elect mounted a pr offensive in support of The Union of the Parliaments. He’s been banging on about being British for three years now, but for 2007 the focus is sharpened. His chance to be PM has finally arrived, but history conspires against him by throwing up the 300 year annivesary of The Union when the English are already hesitant about having a Scot in charge of the shop.

Brown took a three prong media offensive. A speech to the Fabian Society (president Ed Balls {Brown Bumchum}), a self penned article in The Telegraph and an interview with the new (English) editor of The Scotsman. 

The Scotsman had his usual style of bullyboy tactics – Scotland will lose the 125,000 financial services jobs it has. Oh please, has he never heard of globalisation. Whether an independent Scotland opts for a revived Scots pound or goes for the Euro, is that really going to stop Edinburgh’s financial elite dealing in English securities denominated in sterling? Oil is globally traded in US dollars, does that mean London doesn’t deal in oil?

 Worse, Brown suggests that independence would be a disaster because two and a half million Scots live in England. And, the point is? Well, the insinuation is that I’ll never be able to see my brother or my nephews again because they live in London. Oh, please! Unless England resurrects Hadrian’s Wall he’s talking crap. The soviets built the Berlin Wall, the Americans have bits of wall to conrol Mexican immigrants, the Israeli’s have walls to seperate the Palestinians, but Scotland and England are both European countries- part of a bigger Union. If Brown wants a wall, he’ll have to take England out of the European Union and into the gutter because there’s a whole bunch of human rights legislation that he’ll have to breach if he’s going to stop our family Christmas. We’re just have to be a bit grown up. Britons live in other countries across the world – USA, Spain, France, Australia – they live in different countries – there isn’t a problem.

Just remember it’s the English that want rid of the whining Scots as much as the other way aound. Collectively we can work this out, it’s just a shame that Gordon Brown will never get to be Prime Minister because he was born on the wrong side of an ancient boundary at an inopportune time. Sorry about that Gordon – but don’t let your personal ambition get in the way of my Freedom. 

Oh, remember, we could actually do with a new First Minister up here, someone with drive, determination, decent values, vision and an international reputation. So once you’ve got over your Britishness posturing, Gordon, you could come home and be a true patriot. 

McGellie x


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