Union Currency Blues

The Royal Mint is to give us a £2.00 coin to celebrate the Union. Yippee. You can imagine the conversation in the Mint:

“Gordon’s told us to celebrate the Union by issuing a coin.”

“But he’s made us independent?”

“Shut up – you can’t say that word…”

“Ok – I’m on the case, but I’m going to make it a really crap design.”

And so they did. The worst part was they only made it a £2 coin. Do they really value the Union? I mean I know they’ve recently saved the £5 coins for royalty: Queen’s 80th, Queen’s coronation, Queen Victoria’s 100th, Queen Mother’s 100th, Diana and (separately) Charles. But, what about Trafalgar and the death of Lord Nelson and tellingly the 150 years of the Entent Cordial. I mean come on- The 100th anniversay of the Entente Cordiale – that was an arrangement with France! So 300 years of the Act of Union is worth only 13% of the Entente Cordiale – do the math – that says it all!

A £2 coin indeed, that puts the Union on the same level as the 50th anniversary of DNA, Guy Fawkes  or the Rugby World Cup. What? Does this Chancellor not even value the Union?

McGellie x


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