With Guardians like these…

I love the Guardian. It is my preferred paper. But when it comes to secession from the Act of Union they might as well be writing about a foreign country. The Guardian sells 15,000 copies in Scotland – that’s it! Really. And their Scottish coverage is second to … just about everybody else’s. So, when the Union attracts a lead editorial and a Simon Jenkins piece, it’s time to kick back and enjoy.



The essential problem with the leader is that it’s simply not prepared to contend with independence as an issue. You can debate devolution for as long as you like and be very clever about it, but dismissing the repeal of the Act of Union by reference to a single opinion poll is perverse – (note: reading the Scotsman doesn’t count as original research up here!). I’m no SNP supporter, but you can’t just opine that the SNP would struggle in a proposed referendum on independence. If you’ve got reasons – let’s have them.

As for Simon Jenkins, well for god’s sake man your ignorance is symptomatic of the Metropolitan bias that inflames the call for independence. There’s the basic facts – the number of Scottish MPs has been cut – from 72 to 59. But what about: “The British have long been hospitable to their minorities.” Exactly how do the Scots fit into that patronising phrase? We are the British, we are the minorities. That Jenkins wants Gordon Brown to “pass for English” is exactly the point. If a Scot cannot be PM just because he’s a Scot then there is no Union worth saving. If we, as Scots, accept that you as English will always want to be on top, then why should we hang around – devolution is never going to fix it.

“There is an easy answer to the West Lothian question” – I read with bated breath, but when I finally get to the end its setting up a Grand Commission. Oh please. I felt conned!I mean a  Grand Commission! Oh that’s a real stroke of genius.  

There is an easy answer to the West Lothian question, revoke the Act of Union and get rid of ALL the Scottish MPs – that’ll fix it. It may take a while to get used to the new realities, but the English will benefit as much as the Scots – you won’t have to get Gordon, and we will!

McGellie x 


3 Responses to With Guardians like these…

  1. Grant Thoms says:

    Like the blog, lots of good stories

  2. Ulf Raharjo says:

    oh lord my baby your driving me craz. Ulf Raharjo.

  3. Gautam Asaf says:

    oh i can’t believe what i’m seeing with my eye. Gautam Asaf.

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