Send our Scottish politicians home (to think again)

The most elegant solution to the
West Lothian question is to repeal the Act of Union and hand out P45s to all the Scottish MPs.


So, there are 59 unemployed MPs, don’t worry! They won’t starve,
Westminster protects their own. But with the time they’ve got on their hands they could:

a:) Get a nice consultancy like disgraced Scottish First Minister Henry McLeish.

b:) Write an autobiography and go on the Lecture tour – ok for Brown, perhaps not for Browne.

c:) Rediscover their vision. They all said they went into politics to make things better, if they can’t do that at
Westminster, they could at an Independent Holyrood. That would raise the bar, ease out some of our underperforming MSPs and provide the vision, drive and talent to work through the threats, opportunities and challenges of


Certainly you’d have reservations about simply swapping them straight into Holyrood, but with Gordon Brown, John Reid, Des Browne, Alistair Darling, Douglas Alexander, Michael Martin, Menzies Campbell, Charles Kennedy, Alex Salmond and all the rest, there is a considerable pool of talent. If they actually do believe in public service, let’s see them serve the public of


Welcome home MPs – your country might need you.


One Response to Send our Scottish politicians home (to think again)

  1. That’s unfair on Jack.

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