Goldie Looking Strain

In an ePolitix interview with Annabel Goldie

she was on er form. Pity her hangover from the shadowless cabinet’s trip up North to patronise us

ePolitix: What policies will you be highlighting ahead of the May 3 elections? 

Goldie: The overriding theme I’ve been talking about for the last year or more has been that we have too many politicians in Scotland.

What, that’s the best the Conservatives can do? Deckchairs, Titanic – what are they on? Like many I think the Scottish Parliament comprehensively screwed up the parliament building (location, cost, PR, whatever) and the insipid leadership undermines confidnece. But whether we have 129 or 108 MSP’s cannot, simply cannot be the number one political priority. The incessant naval gazing of the parliament (salaries, expenses, allowances) that’s what alienates me.

Goldies commitment to common sense doesn’t extend to political analysis. In the same interview she explains that  the only party that is to the traditional right of centre is the Scottish Conservative Party – all the other are on the left.  But what is this centre? Right and Left are anachronistic and  simplitic, but for a party with only 13% of the MSPs to accuse the other 87% of being to the left of centre, either Goldie doesn’t understand what a centre is in the relative world of politics or she’s articulated something about the real values of the Scottish electorate.  Scotland is not like England. Where Tony was dragged to the right in order to asuage little England, we were never swayed, never persuaded. Ok this doesn’t explain the Scottish response to Thatcherism, but like David Cameron and the Tories today the guilty parties can repent at their  liesure. And, if Goldie is so keen on asserting her right of centre credentials, how is she going to get along with the Shadow cabinet the next time they come up to Scotland as they seem intent on travelling in the opposite direction guaranteeing more Goldie looking strain.

McGellie x


One Response to Goldie Looking Strain

  1. waitmyturn22 says:

    I hope this will make my David Cameron stocks go up so I make some money on it 🙂

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