Euro Champions – Scotland the beautiful game.


The Scottish Football Association have won the first round in their attempt to have the European Championship finals expanded to 24 teams. (BBC News Online 26/1/07)

Of course we’re good enough to get there on our own – currently top of qualifying group for 2008.

Football, currency – take your pick. Those who want nothing to do with the Euro in a post independence Scotland because it would compromise our – er- independence are cute but unrealistic. Being restricted to old firm games as the end point of our ambition doesn’t make sense to me. All this small country stuff talks us down.

Does Scotland have to leave The Pound when we leave the Union? Technically no, but I think you probably have to take a risk based analysis and the chances of England letting us go without pathetic attempts to make it as hard as possible are low – listen to Blair and Brown right now. The only way their negative prophecies will come true is if they make them come true and I’m not putting it past them. Taking Sterling for granted is naive.

In the real world this only leaves the Euro. It works. It’s there. The Labour party claim Scotland would have an £11billion deficit rendering us unfit for Euro membership. I’ve written asking for details, so you’ll hear more about this later.

A Scots Pound would have to be pegged to Sterling or the Euro otherwise George Soros and chums would take it out in a couple of days. So let’s restrict our flag waving to a Scots design on the back of a Euro note when it comes to the currency question.

The SNP know this is true but the current line is that there would be a further referendum to make the decision. I don’t have words for how sappy this is. C’mon guys, if were going to vote for independence, it’ll have to come as a package. People ain’t going to vote for theoretical independence dependent on a second vote on something as fundamental as the currency strategy. SNP sort it out. If you run scared of the big issues, you’ll run out of people to take you seriously. Oh it’s a tactical thing….?

Love McGellie x


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