Independence is lost in the Greenery

Plug “independence” into the Scottish Green Party’s search engine and you get three results. One about the independence of watchdogs, one about media independence and one about Scottish Independence (30th November 2005) Oh yes the greens support independence, so much so it scarcely figures in their public shop window and they can let another St. Andrew’s day pass by without following up – did they forget or don’t they care?

And when you get into the substance of their position – suddenly you are overwhelmed by their passion and vision: “Greens support independence, if or when the people support it” So there it is folks…over to you.

Part of the current problem in Scotland is that if you want an end to the Act of Union then you’re kind of forced to contemplate voting SNP – whatever you think about their other policies. Should the SNP dissolve after independence? I’ll say they should but I’ll bet they won’t. Whatever, in an Independent Scotland there will still be Labour, Liberal, Conservative and the rest, politics will resume normal service.

The tricky bit, for now, is that voters in the “Union” parties who want independence, and I assure you there are plenty, have got a difficult decision this election. If they hold their nose and vote for the nats, Scotland can get out of the Union with a return to normal voting on the other side of the independence dateline.

If, on the other hand, they succumb to the fearmongering and vote against independence as per usual, the Greens will never get to find out if or when they should take a stand on the independence question.


 McGellie x


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