Scotch Eggs – Deceptively Dodgy

Britain is a Scotch Egg

– a hard boiled egg covered in cheap sausage meat, rolled in crumbs and deep fried. 

High in calories, low in fibre, high in fat, devoid of greens and wrapped in plastic – generally just what we don’t need today. The natural precursor to deep fried mars bars – surely! Another food of shame for those fat dissolute Scots

Actually, not. The invention of Scotch eggs is attributed Fortnum and Masons in 1738. And since Fortnum and Masons was founded in 1707, I suppose this blog will give them an affectionate nod – but not for their Scotch eggs.

The reality is “Scotch” is an English contraction of ‘Scottish’ which thereby diminishes everything that is truly Scottish.

Britain is more of a curates egg than a Scotch egg.


One Response to Scotch Eggs – Deceptively Dodgy

  1. emalyse says:

    Nice analogy. You’re not keen on either then? (go on, you have a sneeking liking for one of them, admit it…)

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