Olympic 2012 – It’s Time for a Scottish National Lottery

Isn’t it time there was a Scottish lottery? It wouldn’t require separate machines, or a Scottish Camelot (Scotalot/Spamalot), let Camelot keep the license, just allocate the Scottish income to a Scottish pot and pay the relevant sums out of that – there’s even a name for it – Hypothecation.

Why? Are you blind? The Lottery is a soft touch for the Government which will use it to bail out the Olympic overspends that are coming our way, commentators take this for granted. The Olympics are going to make the Millennium dome look modest. And, Scottish good causes will be left unfunded as Scottish cash is syphoned down South to fund the Olympic fun.

Surprisingly it’s impossible to get proper information out of Camelot. Their press office won’t tell me what the Scottish share is, as a trend, of UK receipts. Their accounts lump normal distributions and Olympic sums together to prevent analysis. But, by searching through the data on the Department of Culture, Media and Sport website you find this:


NOT JOKING: That’s a pretty remarkable downward trend. One that Camelot deny is anything to do with them as they gave an increased amount to the Government in 2006. Indeed, there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation, applications may have been down in 2006, grants still being processed? But that wouldn’t explain the trend so I’m not buying it, with the volume of cash and the complexity of the processing, grants have to be distributed on a flow through basis. Any guesses where the missing millions have been syphoned off to? Anyone from Government want to deny this picture? There’s no point Camelot saying they’re giving more to good causes when the Department of Culture Media and Sport are just hanging on to it. It may be they just don’t keep their website up to date, but the shadow of the five interlocking rings looms large. This data shows that the Department of Culture Media and Sport is backpeddaling on handing over the money Camelot gives them, building up a cash pile – for what?

The Camelot version of “National” is also bizarre as in “serving the Nation’s dream”. Nobody thinks of Britain as a nation – do you? So exactly what are they talking about? The Olympics mean no Scottish, that is, NATIONAL teams – football, tennis, elephant polo(!) The Olympics mean we’ll be obliged to wave our Union flags and get caught up in the collective hysteria. The Olympics mean we’ll have to pay for it all- at the expense of the Scottish projects the Lottery would otherwise have funded. The lottery has always been a way of redistributing cash from the poor to the rich, the good causes provided a fig leaf. If that fig leaf is now to be spread over the East End of London leaving us naked, now is the time for a hypothecated Scottish Lottery – run by Camelot if you wish.

Just a shame it’s not going to happen, because gambling is a reserved matter which keeps us impotent, powerless and frustrated – once again. Welcome to the London lottery – dishing out a national nightmare.

Lot’s of love,

McGellie x

ps, since writing this, the Camelot press office have distanced themselves from the department of culture media and sport who handle the the distribution of funds, so I’ve clarified that. Also, note the graph is based on figures to 31st December not the Camelot year end of 31st March. I’ve looked at these figures on their year end basis and the trend is still there. Cash handed over by Camelot is not being distributed. Why not?


2 Responses to Olympic 2012 – It’s Time for a Scottish National Lottery

  1. chris says:

    great piece, haiving checked the culture, media and sport site, i cant find the table you have shown, do you have the web site address??


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