It’s time for Scottish trident !?**!

Ok, let’s take the Scottish share of the UK defence budget – that’ll be £2.8 billion and think about how we could spend it for Scotland.

Oh, I know, we could have a tartan trident! A couple of billion a year should do it nicely to cover the HP payments from the US. We’ve got all the facilities in place and it would make us really really safe and feel very very important! Imagine an independent country of 5 million people with the ability to trash large sections of the world. That would scare all our many potential enemies away.

Of course it’s insane, but just swilling the thought around, like fine wine in a glass, (especially if you’re a teetotaller) helps explain a little more about the allure of power and how a post imperial Westminster clutches at the symbols of power – pathetic.

Spend the cash on something useful.


Mcgellie x


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    It’s time for Scottish trident !?**! « Scotswahey!

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