The SNP deferment of an Independence referendum is a tactical mistake

The SNP are wrong to defer the independence referendum.

Why? I’ll give you three rocking reasons, starting with the weakest first:

1) The SNP idea of “gaining credibility” is not just a ticking tax bomb as Andy Kerr says, it’s gifting Westminster and the Unionists up here with a prolonged opportunity to give them a kicking.

2) Deferring the referendum puts it on the other side of the nextUK Westminster election. Since it is Westminster, rather than Holyrood, that will take the Independence decision, an immediate referendum would put the Independence question firmly on the next election agenda. Going into a Westminster election with a large majority of Scots in favour of Independence would sharpen the minds of not only the 56 Scottish MPs but all of the parties. The English will only accede to granting us independence if they can be bothered attending to the issue. It’s the sort of thing that can be dragged out indefinitely. In an election when there is a Unionist Scot seeking to be voted in as PM it is the best opportunity we will get for a generation. Independence is the most elegant solution to the West Lothian question, and the English will never vote a Scot into power. If the English can be persuaded that it’s in their self interest to let those moaning Scots get on their way, they will vote accordingly. A David Cameron led Conservative Party proposing Scottish Independence is a lot more likely than the SNP think!

3) Who gives a toss about the SNP?It is an appalling conceit by the SNP to think they can prove Scotland’s ability to be Independent. Tactically, this SNP agenda of deferment will alientate the very very large number of Labour, Liberal, Tory and NON VOTERS who want to vote for Scottish Independence (but not the SNP) in May. By wrapping themselves in the Saltire, the SNP confuse their own limited ability with a thousand years (and more) of Scottish history. They are the vessel, not the drink. Depriving me of an immediate vote on an Independence referendum, so they can prove themselves smacks, paradoxically, of a lack of self-confidence and a dubious abrogation of the independence question – as if they owned it.


McGellie x


5 Responses to The SNP deferment of an Independence referendum is a tactical mistake

  1. Tom Robinson says:

    I understand where you are coming from and sympathise with your views but I believe that a referendum after the next UK election is one more likely to be won, which is surely the critical point.

    I suspect that Salmond thinks that the UK General election will defeat Labour in which case Scots may not wish to risk another 18 years of Tory rule and will then vote for independence.

    I hope he is getting it right-but it is certainly not a foolish approach. If he is First Minister he will have much more credibility than he does now.

  2. Grant Thoms says:

    I agree with Tom. We are much more likely to get a negotiation with Cameron as PM than Brown or Miliband for that matter.

    It’s time to keep the heid. We’ve waited 300 years to kill the Union, another 3 won’t kill us.

  3. mcgellie says:

    1. I agree that (ironically) Independence stands a better chance under the tories – the prospect of getting rid of 40 labour seats for the cost of 1 tory seat being quite attractive. However, whether you put the Scottish referendum before or after the next general election, the actual decision will be made in Westminster and it will be after. So we don’t need to hold off. Better to get on so the issue is live next time the UK goes to the polls.

    2. I don’t think anything will kill us, but I think it’s critical that the SNP don’t become an obstacle to their own success by having to play the existing limited system. “Running” Scotland whith the whole Unionist system against you in both Scotland and England and through a UK general election is going to be a bumpy ride.

    All the best,


  4. Englishman says:

    I want all Scots to know that most of us in England support an independent Scotland. I just wish we had the opportunity to vote for our own future as well.

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