Scottish Independence – Get Enlightened.

Why do I want Independence for Scotland – I hear you ask?

Is it because we will be richer, or have more clout internationally, or what?

Nah, although I don’t find Labour’s scaremongering persuasive on the financial front. And, Anabel Goldie’s line that Scotland has more influence in the UN/NATO/EU because we’re part of England (sorry, the UK) is simply barking, (at least an Independent Scotland would have it’s own chair rather than having to sit on Westminster’s knee).

My reasons for wanting Independence are psychological and cultural. When Scotland win at football I rejoice, when Scotland lose, I don’t despair – because obviously Scotland isn’t 11 men on a football pitch….! Scotland is a bigger, a huge concept, rich in history, culture, identity, success, failure, promise. When an author like Ian Rankin (he’s so vain he’s bound to Google himself and find this) says that Scotland wouldn’t gain anything by Independence – he’s worrying about whether he’d still be eligible for the Man Booker. He’s not thinking about Scotland or about Scots.

What Scotland would gain from Independence is not being dependent on England. In a world where people refer to the UK as England, we’re playing a crap hand by condescending to put up with that degree of invisibility. An underperforming asset. If we play Independence right, with due regard to the global PR opportunity it presents, Scotland and Scottish culture (including, but not only, the Loch Ness Monster) will come out of the shadow of England. That’s what we gain from Inedependence.

And now is the time. The consequences of the internet revolution are still being worked out. But it blindingly obvious that you can build a much bigger presence on the web than your relative population size. The internet is a great equaliser, it abolishes the need for trading borders – why not think global.

The SNP aren’t responsible for the economic success of Ireland, Norway, Iceland. Nearly half of the members of the EU have populations smaller than Scotland.  So, clearly the fearty assumption that it’s better to be big are now shown to be hollow. Being nifty is better than being big. Being sharp and clever are the premiums in a world where just about everything you touch or do could have been made on the other side of the world. Let’s stop rehearsing how it was Scots who invented everything and get on with doing it all over again (but this time applying for all of the patents).

Our biggest asset is our people – Scottish people. Scottish people who’ve gone to London at every opportunity just to prove they can. Funny how the benefit of that Scottish capital to England and the London tax take is never included in Labour’s Union overdraft calculations. Independence won’t curtail the ambition of Scots to emigrate and test themselves against unknown challenges, but an Independent Scotland will have a better chance of encouraging some of our diaspora to return (starting with the 59 Scottish MPs who’ll be kicked out of Westminster – those who really did want to serve could sharpen up Holyrood no end).

Being culturally at ease can only really be achieved in your own culture, otherwise you’re always a foreigner, an outsider. The very many Scots who live outside of Scotland or who leave because it’s the thing to do might well be persuaded that an Indpendent Scotland is worth giving a go. With opportunity no longer limited by geography, the internet makes Scotland a land in which to have a go go.

But this is the weird bit. Independence is no big deal. You still get your food from Tesco or the farmer’s market. You’ll still get your insurance from Italy, your power from Scottish Power’s new Spanish owners, buy your clothes from an Icelandic company and settle any number of transactions with a lovely call centre in India and let’s not forget the Chinese in the mix. When you vote for Independence, the Sky won’t fall in and you’ll still get Sky plus. It’s simply a constitutional rewiring. The substance will stay, but the intellectual content will be reconfigured. Being Scottish, being Scotland won’t look like a dangerous risk when looking back. In fact those gainsayers who think the Scots are too chippy(?) to be a real country will hang their head in shame.


McGellie x 


7 Responses to Scottish Independence – Get Enlightened.

  1. Ian says:

    I just found your blog today, and I’m going to very anxiously keep up with it. As a Scottish-American, I identify more with my old country (Scotland) than my current one (US), and I strongly support Scottish independence, though I realize it is not my choice as a non-citizen. I hope Scots do what they truly feel is best for them and not what Gordon Brown tells them to do. And, as an almost meaningless side note, I wish I could support a Scottish football side in the Olympics the way I do in the Euros, World Cup, etc. Thanks again for a great blog.

  2. […] over at Scotswahey, McGellie has once again set out his case for independence. But this is the weird bit. Independence is no big […]

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  5. Mark Knox says:

    I am in favor of and a supporting Scottish independence because all of the information I have been able to read and see points to Westminster caring less about Scots than about preserving the status quo and enriching itself at the cost of the Scottish people. One thing that does bother me though is the attitude of some in Scotland who see Scottish Americans as nothing more than mere “Yanks” with nothing to contribute and no more right to involve themselves in Scottish affairs than any other non native. This disturbs me as I have always held to my Scottish roots and dreamed of a Scotland that I could only read about or hear about through stories oft told. To be told that I am not a Scot was a shock and something I had never considered. I wish we could address this issue so that Scotland could draw on the vast numbers of those who claim Scottish ancestry and their talents when and if independence is achieved.

  6. Rachel says:

    I’ve been researching Scotland and it’s battle for Independence for a little while now. I’ve only just turned 18 and became really interested in Politics over the last year. Im from Scotland, born and raised and would love nothing more than for us to rightfully get our Independence back, but, there is one big problem here. If we are allowed our referendum and everyone in Scotland votes then it’s not going to do much good because there are so much english people up here and most of them will be voting “No”. I don’t know much about Politics yet so I can’t really say much or debate/argue but I can say that Scotland deserves Independence and we will do what we do best for it – Fight!

  7. neil wolfe says:

    Hope you get it and then i can get better benefits instead of you

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