Everything shines brighter with the Liberal Democrats

Oh yes,

With a giant yellow toothbrush Nicol Stephen backs dentistry. It would have been more powerful imagery if he’d had a great big drill. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with another promise of another £40 million and 200 dentists and it fills the gaping cavity as to what shiny new iniative to fill the papers with today. But scrape away the tarnish and I’m always a bit irritated by the smugness of the liberals. They don’t have to scrap for power. So they take the highground of moral superiority because the electoral arithmetic guarantees them a share of power. And from their highground they can piss on everyone else and accuse them of lowering the tone of the election etc. But, If you could see inside the Liberal mouth, you would smell the rot of decay.

“In seven months we will have set the foundation for a bright future for Scotland.” Bland as you like, but crap as well. They’re going to have the same amount of power (roughly) after the electionas they had before. If they can do something so fantastic as to build a whole new set of foundations for Scotland – you have to wonder why they didn’t do that in the last eight years.


McGellie x


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