Welcome to the new Scottish Conservative Reality!

The problem with the SNP is they have identified themselves as the natural place for Scottish Nationalists to go – by nicking the words and building a party round them. So if you don’t support the SNP policy direction but you do want independece, who do you vote for? Well, Hurrah for the Scottish Independent Conservatives (s.i.c.!).

In an independent Scotland I expect that all of the existing parties will get used to the new reality. Just as the Conservatives took their seat in the Scottish parliament, so they will pursue their policy agenda in the brave new world of independence. And why not? In a post union world being a unionist party will be pretty pointless. It’s kind of how democracy works.

The fact that the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party now appears ready to be cast adrift by Cameron and cronies (as floated in The Spectator) only accelerates the thought process. Playing against Gordon Brown’s Scottishness by presenting an exclusively English and Welsh Tory party is a low cost option for Central Office – David Mundell.

By sacrificing his single seat, Cameron can exploit the West Lothian question, attack the disproportionate list of powerful Scottish Labour MP’s – John Reid, Des Browne, Alistair Darling, Douglas Alexander, Michael Martin, Adam Ingram and Gavan Strang (not forgetting Liberal’s Menzies Campbell, Charles Kennedy) and most of all undermine the position of arch opponent Gordon Brown.  Currently playing the Scottish card against Gordon just seems a bit like cheap racism, overlooking the years in which the Tories inflicted their policies on Scotland with complete disdain and disregard for Scottish opinion. But a Conservative party which came to it’s senses, remembered the Union in it’s title referred to Ireland not Scotland and came out for Scottish Independence could create a new political Hadrian’s wall and send the Scots home to think again.

The arithmetic is compelling – for the cost of one Conservative MP you get rid of 58 MPs who will generally vote against a renewed Conservative Government come the next Westminster election. Go on Annabel do the right thing and secure your parties future – on both sides of the border. Scots are never going to vote for that smarmy git you call your leader, but could you persuade them to vote for a S.I.C. solution? You may have to once you’ve been abandoned by your chums down South.


McGellie X 


2 Responses to Welcome to the new Scottish Conservative Reality!

  1. Ian Hamilton says:


    I should very much like to publish this on my website under acknowledgement. May I have your permission?

    As I would have difficulty in copying it could you please send me a copy to the above email address?

    Ian Hamilton

  2. wow !!
    its very interesting article.
    Nice post.
    realy gj

    thank you 😉

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