Stuff Domestic Issues – Think Big, Think Scottish

I’ll keep this short. If this election is decided on domestic issues it will be a disaster. Faced with a series of wish lists, how do you decide. Even the experts don’t agree. Who doesn’t want better education, health service etc. Which is the part that I can vote for that wants to make things worse?

No the urge to vote domestic is a political play.

 Labour want you to vote on domestic issues because it cuts out Iraq, Trident, Independence. The Conservatives similarly want to keep to bread and butter issues in the hope that Labour and SNP will slug it out over independence. Ditto Liberals.

I say don’t vote domestic vote for Scotland.

What constitutes a reserved matter is all nicely set out in the Scotland act but why should we be restrained to devolved issues? I expect the English council elections will be a referendum on Tony Blair’s goverment and from London’s point of view we are just another local election (believe it). So come on Scotland, use this opportunity to make our popular voice heard in Scotland and in London.

Don’t believe you have to wait until the next Westminster election to punish the Government for Iraq, Trident, a supine pro-US foreign policy, and an international development commitment that is still more than £2 billion short on the 0.7% target we made 37 year ago etc. etc. If the terrorist threat is the biggest issue, then it’s not intrisically a Scottish issue at all, so let England fear for the consequences of their own ideological forrays.

And don’t believe that in this three hundredth anniversary of the loss of Scottish independence we should just passively keep on the domestic blinkers. Wake up, now is the time to address any issue we like when voting for our government.  Get a life. Get a Scottish life, freed from the ignorant careless hand of a London that sees Scotland as some problem at the end of the A1. Voting is a crude tool and domestic politics are complicated, so complicated that you can’t believe the parties. There’s so much propaganda, so much child hugging, so many egos to feed. Nah, vote for what you believe in and the council tax will take care of itself – or not as the case may be.


McGellie x


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