Celebrity VIP lists and the Scottish Parliamentary Election

No. 1 magazine – Scotland’s great (no honestly) celebrity magazine surely missed a trick by not bringing out a special Vote Scotland edition. They could have got every Scottih celeb in their contact book to ‘fess up to who they are voting for. No. 1 magazine likes to mix up Scottish celebs with their bigger Holywood cousins, So, Paris Hilton might be for the Union but Angelina Jolie, she’d be for Independence. With the views of the celebrities duly weighed and counted we could save all the time on the campaigning and just followed the lead of our favourite celebs – each to their own. It’s the new political system the media age has been crying out for – Celebracy

The latest list of “high profile” supporters list today is 650 scientests in favour of the Union. They’ve tested it objectively and found that in a peer assessed review the Union has a beneficial molecular structure. There’s some dispute about the methodology because scientists may don’t have any expertise in political economy or constitutional law, but hey, neither did the footballers nor the businessmen, so what’s a little bit of prejudice and self-interest between experts.

The two bits that worry me the most on the top boffs poll is their assumption that Scotland going independent is going to close down communication with England and the rest of the world in some isolationist reaction. Where did they get this?

Secondly, that they seem to be worried about funds being cut. Why? They get such a paltry amount at the moment that surely they should welcome the opportunity of independence and lobby the SNP to give them a better deal. Apparently Science in Scotland gets £55 per head from Westiminster – THAT’S RUBBISH. Currently Defence spending in Scotland is £2,800 million (on the GERS methodology) which is £560 per head run through Westminster. Surely an independent Scotland could up the former and reduce the latter. The problem with Unionists in Scotland is that they only ever look for the downside.

With only five days of campaigning left, I’m looking forward to 1,000 Nurses for the Union, 3,000 teachers for the Union, 25,000 civil servants for the Union, 25,000 soldiers for the Union and 59 Scottish MP’s for the Union. Just a shame that so few of them can actually stand to vote Labour.

Bring it on.

 Love McGellie x


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