McLeish gets the McXcuses in first – Labour put the spin on defeat

Henry McLeish – failed Scottish First Minister – is quoted in the Sunday Times today blaming Labour defeat on Tony Blair and the problems in Westminster.

Well, please! I was actually surprised at the way Iraq, Trident, The (newly renamed) Defence against Terror, Cash for Honours, Olympics etc were kept off the Scottish Election agenda. If McLeish is just complaining that Brown and Blair visited Scotland too often, then what does that say about Jack McConnell. If he can’t even tell them to f*** off and mind their own business, he’s not fit to be the First Minister – just like McLeish.

The reason Scots are going to vote SNP this election is because there is an air of self-confidence about Scotland. We are fed up being junkies for London subsidy. We are tired of being unable to make our own decisions. We contribute£2,800 million for a defence budget that fight’s wars we don’t want, buys weapons systems we don’t need against terrorists that don’t threaten us. We Scots fiddle rents and taxis not honours (collective responsibility?!?!) and we know the London Olympics are about London not sport.

The Scottish election victory is not about kicking Tony Blair, he’s yesterday’s man and history will kick him at its leisure. This election victory is about Scotland, for Scotland and by Scotland and…er….expressing our disagreement on Iraq, Trident, Terror, Corruption, and the Olympics…!

Bring it on.

Love McGellie x


2 Responses to McLeish gets the McXcuses in first – Labour put the spin on defeat

  1. Freeluncher says:

    I see where yer coming from, but I remain convinced that this election IS about kicking Blair and the Labour Party, as opposed to a move towards independence by the Scottish electorate.
    But hey, I’ve lived in Devon for the last couple of years, Whit dae ah know!?

  2. Alasdair says:

    I think there is definitely an air of confidence, even if it’s not yet touched the drive towards independence … that’ll come later.

    I think the labour party has treated the Scottish electorate with contempt during this campaign, if they take a bit of a kicking then it’ll be because of that and because of the way they’ve failed to run the country.

    I can’t recieve telly signals and have done much of my election searching online and although I know how I’m going to vote, I have seaerched in vain of user generated support for Labour, or indeed any other party … yet what you find consistently is support for the SNP and a total disdain for Labour.

    The online support for Labour is minimal, shockingly so, if what I’ve seen online is in any way representative of how people will vote then Labour are going to be in for a kicking of historic proportions … Tony Blair’s ego is truly enormous if he believes that Labour are losing votes simple because of him 🙄

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